And So it Begins…

Hello! My name is April Lim. My better-half, Paolo, and I are mega-nerds who spend our lives either traveling or in the amazing virtual world of online gaming. We are two of the same, and we tend to fly solo, with little-to-no planning and lots and lots of relaxing!


Fast forward to now… 

I have recently entered into the IT-Minor program at UALR. We are going into our second full-week, and it has definitely made me step out of my comfort zone. In the past, I felt like the “IT people” I worked with fit my idea of what a typical “IT personality” was supposed to be… introverted, antisocial, loves computers i.e. gaming… exactly like me. Dream job? Yes, please!

But alas, there is a bit more to this dream. The IT-Minor program seems to be framed around group activities and blogging thus far (eeek!), so it looks like I am in for an unexpected treat. I suppose I can never grow if I stay inside my antisocial VR bubble, and luckily, my professors are making the experience enjoyably pleasant. So cheers to them and to growing over the next few semesters with my team,  IT Ruby!

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