Time Management

clockBonjour, tout le monde! During the last few sessions of class, we discussed the importance of time management. I am a huge procrastinator, so this will always be something I struggle with. But the exercises we did definitely helped shed light on the areas I need to work on to improve this much needed skill.

First, we took a quiz to see how good our time management is thus far. I scored 36 out of 75, showing my TM-skills need to improve ASAP! The next assignment we had was to create a calendar of our daily schedule and see how well we could stick to it. The assigned day was a “free” day for me, so I basically ran errands and accomplished all of what little I had planned for that day.

During our last session, we did a team exercise to see how quickly we could work together in order to complete a task in the time frame we allotted ourselves. The first round, we chose a time blindly, not knowing what the project would be. We ended up needing 100% more time to complete the task. During the second round, we were more prepared, so we were able to complete the task in 50% less time than we allotted ourselves. This showed the importance of setting aside enough time to complete tasks/assignments/etc, which also minimizes the stress and anxiety associated with procrastinating. It also touched on ways to complete tasks more efficiently, which saved us a lot of time.

I have always justified my procrastination by claiming it forces me to work more quickly which leads to saved time in the long run. Although it may save time, it has always created a high-stress environment for me and especially for those around me. These last few sessions proved to be highly significant for me, as managing my time better leads to a much better outcome than the stressful feeling of waiting until the last minute.

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