Props to Prezi

2000px-prezi_logo_transparent_2012-svgA web service I adore is I was introduced to Prezi last semester for a project, and this snazzy software allowed me to get the class vote for best presentation.

Prezi is a fairly new (founded 2009) web-based presentation software that allows the user to present more effectively by capturing the audience’s attention like never before. I was skeptical when I first began using it, as I am a creature of PowerPoint habit, and it was a bit difficult to maneuver. But once crossing over the newbie threshold by completing a couple slides, I was able to finish the presentation with total ease.  And it looked a million times fancier than the finished products of any of the previous slide softwares I have used.

One con of this web service is a steep learning curve for those who are not somewhat computer literate. Also, the free service comes with some privacy drawbacks: your prezi will be publicly viewable and reusable by others. But I feel the software is so on-point, I would be willing to pay the costs (starting at $9 annually) to keep my work private, if needed.

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