Using Fireworks

This week we began using Adobe Fireworks to edit images. A couple techniques we practiced were removing items/backgrounds from images and duplicating parts of an image.


I removed the background of the dog image mostly by using the Magic Wand tool. Once I had the Magic Wand selected, I clicked on the area I wanted removed and pressed the delete key. I also used the Polygon Lasso tool and Eraser in this same way to remove any areas that were left behind by the Magic Wand.


On the bird image, there was a power line above the birds. I removed this using the Rubber Stamp tool. I first clicked on the sky area to be duplicated, which created the stamp. I then increased the stamp size and “stamped” over the power line by sliding over it with my mouse while holding down the left mouse key. In this same way, I duplicated the bird. This took several tries to get the power line aligned properly. Once this was done, the bird duplicated like MAGIC!

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