Bonjour! My name is April Lim, and I am a French student at UALR in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have recently entered the IT-Minor program, and this blog will be the memoirs of my onward path to becoming IT savvy.

My husband, Paolo, and I are mega-nerds who spend our lives either traveling or in the world of online gaming. We are two of the same, and we live with little-to-no planning and lots of relaxing! We tend to fly solo, but you will never find us without our four-legged sidekick, Paisley.

I am a native to Arkansas, but I have spent half my life outside of the Natural State. I have truly enjoyed the incredible experiences I have had thus far, but I am excited to see what Arkansas has in store for my future. I am also super thrilled to be near Paolo’s and my family for the time being.