Power Searching with Google: 5 Awesome Tips

  1. Searching for Image Results by Color – Wow! After all of these years, spending hours trying to find the right images for presentations, flyers, etc, I now know of this amazing feature. Filtering images by color allows one to find the right image with the perfect background for whatever your needs may be.
  2. Using Quotes to Search Complete Phrases – This is something I got out of the habit of doing, thinking it limited my results. But it is a great feature that allows you to search for a complete phrase by using double quotes to specify all the words need to stay together.
  3. Using OR to Combine Ideas – This utility is great, as I have always done separate searches until I obtain the results I am looking for. But this allows you to increase desirable results by combining two ideas into one search (ex. “vegan bakeries” OR “animal friendly bakeries”)
  4. Search by Image – This feature allows you to drop an unknown image into Google image search, and it will find any related images on the web. This is super cool, as it can help to find the origin of where this picture may have been taken, where the image came from, or what the item in the photo is.
  5. screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-11-08-28-pmAdvanced Search UI – This feature is great for those of us who are not as Google savvy as others.
    By clicking on “Settings,” then “Advanced Search,” it allows you to narrow your search down using specific search bars in order to get optimum results without using quotes, etc. It then enables you to narrow those results down even further (ex. language, site, etc)




Wikipedia, www.wikipedia.org, is a site a lot of us frequent regularly. The layout is very similar to Google’s simplistic design, so it’s inviting and very attractive. What I find confusing is the links at the bottom of their main page, which are simply icons. There is no text signaling where these links may take you, so this could be frustrating for most, including me. Other than that, I feel their site really works for them.

Props to Prezi

2000px-prezi_logo_transparent_2012-svgA web service I adore is www.prezi.com. I was introduced to Prezi last semester for a project, and this snazzy software allowed me to get the class vote for best presentation.

Prezi is a fairly new (founded 2009) web-based presentation software that allows the user to present more effectively by capturing the audience’s attention like never before. I was skeptical when I first began using it, as I am a creature of PowerPoint habit, and it was a bit difficult to maneuver. But once crossing over the newbie threshold by completing a couple slides, I was able to finish the presentation with total ease.  And it looked a million times fancier than the finished products of any of the previous slide softwares I have used.

One con of this web service is a steep learning curve for those who are not somewhat computer literate. Also, the free service comes with some privacy drawbacks: your prezi will be publicly viewable and reusable by others. But I feel the software is so on-point, I would be willing to pay the costs (starting at $9 annually) to keep my work private, if needed.

Active Listening

In this case study, Mark showed exceptional active listening skills. After entering into a new, hostile business scenario, he was able to turn his clients’ attitude around by using some very impressive active listening skills. He listened to their concerns, and he showed his intent to understand each concern by paraphrasing regularly. In doing this, he was able to turn a hostile work environment into a much more desirable one. These skills enable us to build strong business and personal relationships, as they help gain trust by demonstrating an actual interest in what the person is saying.