Team Reflection

Next semester in IT Ruby, we will be paired with actual clients who are in need of a new website. In order to prepare for that upcoming project, we did a trial run this semester.  My team, CMADesigns, was to develop the branding and website for a campus pizza restaurant while competing with other teams for the best design.


David was the project manager, and he did a great job of making sure we stayed on schedule for each project deadline. He also paired up with Michael to design the HTML and CSS coding. Michael also designed the lovely Professor Pizza logo and optimized our images, and Chris assisted with the JavaScript coding, prepared the final financial reports, and helped with anything and everything else.

My sole job was coding the JavaScript and creating the database, because it is extremely time consuming. I had a rough start, as my knowledge of JavaScript is minimal. But I was able to struggle through it with tons of help from my professor and countless hours of  watching YouTube instructional videos! Needless to say, I am relieved we have finished up for the semester. But I am very proud of my team and happy with the end result. I look forward to working with them and the rest of IT Ruby next semester.